At the end of 2016, Agricultural Cooperative “Highlander” was founded in Jakupovci, a village between Banja Luka and Laktasi. A small craft brewery operates within it led by Nikola Galic. Brewery makes several beers while new ones will be available periodically. This whole story is a result of huge enthusiasm, love, and passion for quality craft beer. All recipes use nothing but the finest natural ingredients – hops, malts, unmalted grains, local and imported spices and fruit, medicinal herbs, honey, etc as well as brewer’s yeast and water. The use of any artificial adjuncts, preservatives, aromas, enzymes or colors is out of the question! All beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, meaning they preserve all nutritional compounds, aromas and blessings of Nature because of which they have many health benefits.