Highlander Blonde Ale, Alc. 5.0%

Pale belgian-style beer. Three different malts and oats dominate the flavor of this ale giving it honey and biscuit notes. Mild bitterness and subtle floral aromas come from Czech noble hop variety “Saaz”. Thanks to its unobtrusive yet recognizable character this beer can be consumed throughout the year in all occasions and paired with all kinds of food.
IBU: 22 EBC: 13 Alk. 5.8% vol

Highlander Pale Ale, Alc. 6.0%

Specialty pale beer made with three different barley malts giving it subtle caramel and biscuit notes. Medium body perfectly balanced with plenty of hops. Four hop varieties give it assertive but pleasant bitterness and rich citrusy, grapefruit, pine, elderflower and blueberry aromas. American hop variety “Mosaic” dominates.
IBU: 46 EBC: 12 Alk. 6.0% vol.

Highlander Hoppy Wheat, Alc. 5.0%

Pale wheat ale with five different malts: wheat, rye, caramel malt, and two base barley malts give it full and complex body balanced by pleasant bitterness and floral and citrusy aromas from “Citra” hops. This mixture of ingredients and special fermentation and maturation regime result in highly drinkable and refreshing beer, ideal for summer heats.
IBU: 30 EBC: 10 Alk. 5.0% vol.

Highlander Brown Ale, Alc. 5.4 %

Dark beer made of five different malts: pale malt, roasted barley malt, caramel malt, wheat, and rye malts give this beer a complex, creamy body with hints of dark chocolate and coffee. Bitterness is medium. It has subtle pine aroma from Cascade hops. Balanced, drinkable, and pleasant – ideal both for winter and summertime.
IBU: 31 EBC: 59 Alk. 5.4% vol.