Gorstak Craft Brewery was registered in 2016 as the first craft brewery in the Banja Luka region and has been located in Glamocani, halfway between the city of Banja Luka and town of Laktasi.

So far we made many different varieties of craft beers and we offer the best ones in our permanent and seasonal offers.

Gorstak brews quality unfiltered and unpasteurized beers inspired by modern American craft brewing trends and Balkan folk traditions of using medicinal and aromatic herbs, fruit, honey, and spices.

Gorstak is a result of huge enthusiasm, desire, and love for quality homemade beer.

The use of any artificial adjuncts, aromas, preservatives, enzymes, colors, stabilizers, etc. is strictly forbidden! All characteristics of our beers come from the combination of natural ingredients and one that is essential – love.

Production of Gorstak beers is truly craft, meaning all processes are performed by hand. Every bottle/keg is filled, labeled, capped, and packaged manually. This may be hard labor, but at the same time it is a great pleasure and privilege to carry on the tradition of brewing beer as one of the pillars of civilization as we know it.

Nikola Galić,

founder of Gorstak Craft Brewery